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Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory Holds 2018 Advanced Commendation Conference


On the morning of January 23, 2019, the 2018 Advanced Commendation Conference of Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory was held in the Party Member Activity Room on the fourth floor of the old factory. The conference was chaired by Zhang Lü, the director of the factory office, and was attended by the factory director, the deputy factory director, the branch factory director, the department head, the workshop director and some high-level workers.

The host began the conference by commending the “Advanced Quality Collectives of 2018”: Workshop 101, Workshop 207, Workshop 302, and Workshop 602. Yu Yuqing, Deputy Plant Manager and the Quality Management Department Manager, presented awards to these persons.

The host then commended the “Advanced Collectives of Safety and Environmental Protection of 2018”. Advanced safety collectives include Workshop 116, Workshop 308, and the worksop teams, and advanced environmental protection collectives include Workshop 201, Workshop 302, Workshop 608, and the Equipment Management Section of the Engineering Equipment Department. Jin Jiahua, the factory’s deputy director and safety director, presented awards to them.

The “Advanced Scientific and Technological Collectives of 2018” include the Preparation Technology Center, Synthetic Technology Center, and the SW Project Team of the Research Institute. These awards were presented by Sun Xin, the factory’s deputy director.

At the end of the conference, the Advanced Plant-level Collectives of 2018 were named: Workshop 105, Workshop 118, Workshop 218, Workshop 306, Workshop 309, Workshop 603, the Microbiology Testing Room of the Quality Control Department, the Project Team of Linezolid API and Preparations, the Environmental Protection Section of the Safety and Environmental Supervision Department, the Infrastructure Construction Section of the Engineering Equipment Department, the Warehousing Department, the Human Resources Department. Lü Xufeng, the party secretary and director of the factory, and Jin Junjiang, deputy director and manager of the Production and Operation Department, presented awards to them.

After presenting the awards, the host introduced the awards for the company’s advanced workers in the year 2018.

At the end of the meeting, the moderator concluded that in the face of the new year, we must breathe the same air as the company and share in a common fate. Each of us must shoulder our own responsibilities and do our utmost to implement the policy of “Reform, Standardization, Innovation, and Economy”, remember the company's strategy and duties, put all of its principles into practice, and work hard to jointly build and realize the grand dream of building a “company to last a century”.

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